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May's Muse

May's Muse

Teaming faux and dried flowers continues to be a la mode this season. What better way to showcase just how simple it can be to combine the two than in this wall mounted bust vase - one of this Spring’s popular new product launches - arriving soon(pre-orders now being taken). The floral recipe we’ve used here would look also look beautiful in a slim-necked vase.

The ingredients to this arrangement:

3 x 19628 Olive Spray
1 x 21692 Dried Natural Bunny Tail Bunch
1 x 21690 Dried White Bunny Tail Bunch
1 x 21689 Dried White Billy Ball Bunch Of 20
1 x 20126 Peachy Cream Short Stem Rose Bouquet
1 x 22550 Lady Bust Vase


This arrangement is a hand tie. Start by cutting down the olive branch and arranging everything in front of you on the bench. Using a single rose as the centre of your arrangement, surround it with the other ingredients in a way that pleases you. The olive spray suits the back of the arrangement, thanks to its height, and the short dried flowers the front. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, secure it with twine or floristry tape and slot it into the slim-necked vase, tucking the twine/tape out of sight.

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