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Frothy Coffee

Frothy Coffee

Have you noticed it? The early risers amongst you are sure to have. That nip in the morning air has arrived: a clear sign that a change of season is underway and a prompt to look out your woollies and stock up on favourite warm drinks. Our September recipe is a nod to this transitional point in the year and celebrates the frothy, beauty of our full-bodied autumnal coffee and cream toned hydrangeas.

The ingredients to this arrangement:
4 x Autumn Burgundy Hydrangea (19066)
4 x Autumn White Hydrangea (19068)
x Autumn Coffee Hydrangea (19035)
3 x Seeded Eucalyptus (20493)

1 x White Cylindrical Vase (19419)

Arrange these flowers loosely, as if they've just been picked from the garden. Casually placed in a vase they blend both classic autumnal floral tones with the more contemporary sage colour note of the seeded eucalyptus.

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