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Seasonal Swag

Seasonal Swag

Festivities are afoot and Christmas creativity unleashed - our favourite aspect of the season. We love seeing friends and acquaintances share ideas and remix their Christmas treasures into new creations. This simple scandi-inspired swag utilises an ingredient we find so versatile: the Snow Branch. You’ll see us use these over a mantelpiece, down table centres and now, in a hanging decoration, perfect for any alcove, doorway or stair post. With the Snow Branch as your base, you could add a few foraged finds to this piece, making it unique to your home and taste.

The Ingredients For This Arrangement:
1 x Snow Branch (21149)
2 x Branch Spray (19554)
1 x Rosehip Stem (22201)
1 x Berry Pick (21139)
1 x Wired Red Velvet Ribbon

Method:​ This is easiest pulled together as a hand-tie using the Snow Branch as a base, layering and wiring the additional ingredients on top in way that is pleasing. Once all ingredients are secure, bend the main branch’s stem into a loop and wire in place before covering the wired area with a few loops of ribbon, finished in a bow.

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