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Seas of Blue

Seas of Blue

Warmer days are on the horizon and we're thinking ahead to sun-soaked days beside the coast. Seas of Blue subtly nods to the hues of the south coast - shores of foaming, wavy sea meeting chalk white cliffs represented here by the gorgeous Bloomville Ginger Jar selected for this arrangement.


The Ingredients for This Arrangement:

7 x Light Blue Agapanthus (20888)

5 x Blue Eryngium Thistle (19056)

5 x White Small Hydrangea (18928)

4 x Single White Hydrangea (20488)

1 x Bloomville Stone Ginger Jar (20731)


The Method:

The white hydrangeas are a fabulous base for arrangements. They slot easily into the jar and then provide a stem in which to structure the other flowers. 

In this instance, we just wanted blue and white contrasting tones from every angle. We slotted the flowers at alternating and pleasing intervals reserving the thistles until last so that they could be used to loosen up the shape.

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