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Peach Fuzz

Peach Fuzz

Inspired by Pantone’s captivating colour of the year, Peach Fuzz, this faux flower arrangement is a symphony of warmth and radiance, designed to uplift the mood and space it’s placed. It’s the perfect blend of tones to welcome the Spring season with open arms.


The Ingredients:

4 x Blush Garden Rose (18945)

4 x Tall Eucalyptus Stem (19017)

3 x Peach Peony Rose (19740)

3 x Viburnum Opulus (18969)

1 x Large Cylindrical Ceramic Vase (19419)


The Method: 

1. Prepare the vase: Secure the chicken wire to the neck of your vase. This will provide a stable base for your stems and keep them in pace as you arrange them.

2. Adjust stem lengths: Carefully bend the bottom of your faux stems to your desired height.

3. Begin arranging: Start adding the faux stems to the vase one by one. Begin with a focal flower or larger blooms and work your way outward, adding in the filler flowers (Viburnum) and foliage (Eucalyptus) as you go.

4. Create balance: Ensure you distribute the stems evenly throughout the arrangement to create a balanced look. Spread out the same stems across the arrangement to maintain harmony and visual interest.

5. Tease and bend: Once all the stems are in place, gently tease out the foliage and blooms to fill any gaps or create dimension. Bend the stems further at the ends to add movement and a natural appearance to the arrangement.

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