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Bunny In Bloom

Bunny In Bloom

Bunny in Bloom was created to take centre stage in your easter decor. The pastel hues of spring sing harmoniously across this arrangement, from the pale pinks of the rose to the soft mint tones in the Lambs Ears - the fresh colours represent blooms slowly waking up in spring and new beginnings.


The ingredients for this arrangement:

4 Lambs Ears (19564)

3 x Palest Pink Tea Rose (20480)

3 x Eucalyptus Green Bunch (22170)

2 x English Blossom (20207)

1 x Large White Garden Rose (20483)

1 x Large Display Bowl (22399)

1 x Bunny Rabbit Small (16360)



Begin by scrunching up chicken wire and placing it in the centre of the display bowl. Position the Bunny to the side of the chicken wire, then begin categorising your stems.

Create a structure with English Blossom, placing them in the chicken wire on the opposite sides, followed by Lambs Ears. Carefully place the Eucalyptus Bunch in any gaps. Add your focal point of three of the Palest Pink Tea Rose and finish with the White Garden Rose in the middle of your arrangement.

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