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Begin with a Zing

Begin with a Zing

Nature is a well-established mood booster and taking your real or faux Christmas tree out can be a low point for any room. We’re here to help you re-energise your space with a suggestion that will keep the nature theme going into the new year: a zingy planter arrangement that will last. Easily changed up throughout the seasons, this planter-based arrangement has legs to see you through the year ahead!


The Ingredients For This Arrangement:

3 x Lace Cap Hydrangea (20136)

3 x Green Viburnum Spray (19591)

2 x Faux Cow Parsley (19953)

1 x Green Amaranthus (19557)

2 x Green Branch Spray (19954)

1 x Large Gun Metal Planter (19505)

1 x Twisted Willow Branch (Sourced Online)



Scrunch up a ball of chicken wire large enough to fit snugly inside the planter and nestle it inside. Bend or cut your foliage to length and add it in a way that will frame your focal flowers. Insert your focal hydrangeas and trailing amaranthus in positions pleasing to the eye.

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