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Burrow into Burgundy

Burrow into Burgundy

Embrace the Autumn season and burrow into the deep and comforting shades of burgundy. Undoubtedly the colour of the season, burgundy creates a sense of grounding thanks to its deep and rich tones that mirror Autumn’s palette.

The ingredients to this arrangement:

3 x Burgundy Berried Eucalyptus (22628)

2 x Pink Allium (19589)

3 x Burgundy Aster Chrysanthemum (22743)

1 x Seville Large Marrakesh Urn (22605)


The method:

Start by adding tissue paper to the bottom of the vessel, this will help hold your faux stems in place when creating the arrangement. Bend the stems to size and check the heights in your vessel, create interest by bending the stems at different heights. Once you’re happy with the structure of your arrangement, add shape and movement by bending the top of the stems.

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