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Perfectly Picked

Perfectly Picked

Drawing inspiration from the idyllic British country garden, Perfectly Picked unfolds a whimsical narrative reminiscent of a stroll through a carefully tended cutting garden. With their soft pastel hues and muted tones, these carefully selected florals weave a tale of charm and tranquillity.


The ingredients:

1 x Pink Sweetpea (23420)

1 x White Sweetpea (23419)

1 x Purple Sweetpea (23418)

1 x Pink Dahlia (23382)

1 x Purple Delphinium (23388)

2 x White Lilac (23424)

1 x Pink Scabious (23416)

1 x White Scabious (23415)

1 x Purple Nigella (23421)

1 x Pink Charity Rose (23678)

1 x White Peony (23400)

1 x Apricot Iris (23406)

1 x Fern (23425)

1 x White Tulip (23408)

1 x Athena Amphora Pot (23609)


The method:

1. Modify stem lengths: Adjust the faux stems to achieve your preferred height and bend the bottoms of the stems.

2. Begin arranging: Add the faux stems to the vase gradually, starting with a central flower (we opted for the Pink Dahlia) and expanding outward.

3. Create balance: Ensure an even distribution of stems to achieve a harmonious appearance. Disperse identical stems throughout the arrangement for balance and visual appeal.

4. Shape and adjust: Once all stems are positioned, delicately arrange the foliage and blooms to fill any gaps or add depth. Curve the stems at their ends for a natural, flowing look.

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