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Spring Gathering

Spring Gathering

Where form and tone harmoniously intertwine, Spring Gathering is a captivating bouquet that showcases a poetry of pastels. At the heart of this arrangement, you will find the essence of the season brought to life through Spring's  floral treasures, the Pastel Pink Ranunculus and White Anemone.

Nestled within a bed of Silver Wattle, these flowers are embraced by the gentle foliage of this elegant plant. The Silver Wattle, with its feathery leaves and subtle silver hue, adds a touch of texture and depth to the arrangement, enhancing the overall visual appeal.


The Ingredients:

5 x Pastel Pink Ranunculus (20542)

5 x Silver Wattle Leaf (22614)

4 x White Anemone (22166)

2 x Silver Dollar Eucalyptus (20545)

1 x Smoked Sage Large Vase (22976)


The Method:

Start by selecting the central florals for your bouquet; our initial choices were the Ranunculus, Anemone, and Eucalyptus. Alternate between these three stems as you continue building the bouquet. After incorporating all these selected stems, introduce the Silver Wattle stem to encircle and complement the arrangement.

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