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Au Naturel

Au Naturel

Classic, elegant and full of romance. Au Nautrel graces us with its soft neutral tones. Its pared-back colour palette, blousy blooms and dinner plate dahlias harmonise to create understated beauty. 

Perfect for spring/summer weddings or display in a vase.

The ingredients for this arrangement:

5 x Café Au Lait (19571)

3 x Cream Ranunculus (20537)

1 x Dried Billy Balls (21689)

3 x White Garden Rose (18948)

1 x Seville Lebes Vase (22329)

The Method:

Begin with the larger flowers, create a structure with the first few, alternating between dahlias, ranunculus and roses. Finish the arrangement by adding a few Billy Balls. Tie the arrangement and place it in a vase or use it as a bouquet.

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