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Herbaceous Halo

Herbaceous Halo

Let this be the talk of the table. We've flipped the classic wreath on its head and given it a modern twist. Instead of hanging this wreath on a door or wall, we've suspended it from the ceiling, which has instantly softened this space. 

Usually spotted above dining tables or at weddings, hanging wreaths are a great way of elevating an area and creating a focal point with a pop of colour. If you're creating your own you could adjust the quantity of content to make it bespoke for your customers' needs.


The ingredients:

5 x Eucalyptus Nicholii Spray (20107)

5 x Laurel Leaf Spray (22173)

4 x Eucalyptus Spray (19051)

4 x Green Amaranthus (19557)


The method: 

Select your ribbon/twine to tie around the wreath - you'll need to tie it on 3 different points, once you've tied it, gather the twine together and create 1 knot (make sure your wreath is level).

Start wrapping floristry wire around the wreath. Create a bunch of 3-4 stems and place them on the wreath (these may have to be cut to size), wrap your floristry wire around the stems and repeat these steps. If you're using trailing stems like our Green Amaranthus, think about spacing these stems evenly so the arrangement is balanced.

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