Hill Interiors constantly receive enquiries about whether we offer a dropshipping service. The logistics of running such a service are complex and we are not structurally set up to handle a large volume of smaller orders. Our business model is based around the supply of goods to the trade only with a minimum order value and we appreciate that many customers would enjoy the flexibility of dropshipping.

In October 2013 we were approached by ‘Dropship4you’ who were prepared to offer a dropshipping service for Hill Interiors products and we were delighted to offer our support to this venture.

Dropship4you take orders directly and will collect the items from Hill Interiors warehouse each day. They will inspect the item thoroughly, pack it securely and dispatch the order to your customer using a next day service. Dropship4you have no minimum order and can despatch to you or your customer.

To view information about this service please visit www.wedropship4you.co.uk website for more information about this service.

Please note that this service is not operated by Hill interiors therefore any queries in respect of this service must be made to directly to Dropship4you.