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November's Nest

November's Nest

For this month’s arrangement we were in the mood to create something contemporary yet cosy. We dusted off a flower frog from our toolkit and set to work selecting stems and a vessel to suit. Our newly arrived White Veronica Stems jumped out at us first, being the perfect wispy shape for this style of arrangement and paired perfectly with a contrasting blue berry. The bird bath’s inclusion gives the arrangement its sweet, cosy edge and was of course, the inspiration for the name. You could give this elegant table centrepiece your own spin by setting it in any dish you like.

Ingredients for this arrangement:
3 x White Veronica Stem (22199)
2 x Viburnum Berry (19592)
1 x Large Bird Bath (9029)
Flower frog (available online for under £10)
Floral fix adhesive tack (available online for a few pounds)
Dried moss (available online for around £5)
Begin by trimming your stems down, being careful to ensure slightly alternating heights. Secure your flower frog to the bird bath (or dish of your choice) with a small blob of floral adhesive (it’s much like blu tack). Next, nestle your focal flower stems between the frog’s prongs, setting them slightly apart from one another in a roughly triangular shape. Surround the flowers with the berries, adjusting their height as required to give some fullness between the Veronica Stems. Cover your flower frog at the base of arrangement with dried moss and stand back to admire your work, making any adjustments needed to give a pleasing look from all sides.

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November's Nest