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Dainty and Delightful

Dainty and Delightful

A symphony of elegance and grace, this arrangement has been carefully crafted to evoke the charm of a whimsical garden. At its heart are the delicate Italian Bellflowers, their slender stems adorned with clusters of petite blooms in a crisp white colour. These wispy blooms dance effortlessly, adding a touch of airiness and ethereal beauty to the arrangement.

Collectively, each bloom contributes distinct elements to this arrangement, each playing a crucial role. While the roses lend volume, the delicate cow parsley adds a gentle softness, and the ranunculus provides structure and form.

The ingredients:

3 x Pink Cream Rose (20533)

3 x Pink Ranunculus (20542)

3 x Italian Bellflower (22616)

2 x White Rose (20483)

2 x Cow Parsley (22642)

1 x Garda Liv Vase (20784)

The method:

1. Modify stem lengths: Adjust the faux stems to achieve your preferred height, you may need some snips to cut off excess stems.

2. Begin arranging: Add the faux stems to the vase gradually, starting with a central flower (we opted for the bellflower) and expanding outward.

3. Create balance: Ensure an even distribution of stems to achieve a harmonious appearance. Disperse identical stems throughout the arrangement for balance and visual appeal.

4. Shape and adjust: Once all stems are positioned, delicately arrange the foliage and blooms to fill any gaps or add depth. Curve the stems at their ends for a natural, flowing look.

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