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Autumn In The Air

Autumn In The Air

This month's recipe name is a little play on words because we've chosen to create a door wreath that can sit, pride of place, aloft on the front door. More and more of us are enjoying crowning each season with a wreath: this is our Autumn 2022 offering. We've enjoyed playing with the colour palette here, to come up with something that little bit different.

The ingredients for this arrangement:
1 x Vine / Rattan Wreath
3 x Jewel Toned Burgundy Eucalyptus Foliage (20891)
x Variegated Eucalyptus (19049)
2 x Forsythia (19057)

1 x Autumn Burgundy Hydrangea (19066)

Start by using your wire snips to cut down the eucalyptus, discarding leafless areas of the stem. Wire the jewel-toned eucalyptus to your base, ensuring all the leaves fan in the same direction. Next part your hydrangea stem into six pieces and alternate with the forsythia (also snipped down to discard bare stem), covering your wiring with the eucalyptus as you go. As a final touch, add some highlights of variegated eucalyptus, allowing them to reach outside the ring, adding additional informality as well as colour to the wreath.

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