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Delicate Blooms

Delicate Blooms

With Mother's Day just around the corner and an unmistakable feel of spring in the air, our March Recipe echoes the longer days and brighter weather with this refreshing arrangement. Pulling on the classic green and white, a contemporary facelift has been given to the traditionally accepted 'Mother's Day' blooms through adding lots of texture and hints of colour. 


Arrange these flowers loosely as if just been picked from the garden or field. Casually placed in a vase they blend both classic floral colours with contemporary floral design.

The ingredients for this arrangement are:

6 x Mum Daisy Spray (19566)

6 x Green Ranunculus Spray (18940)

3 x Green Viburnum Spray (19591) 

2 x Green Trick (19565)

2 x Pink Silk Garden Rose (19028)

2 x White Fashion Peony (19034)

2 x Blush Fashion Peony (19032)

2 x Pink Wild Meadow Rose (19044)

2 x Faux Bay Leaf Spray 18958

Vase: 1 x White With Grey Detail Large Cylindrical Ceramic Vase (19419)


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