Winter Whites

Winter Whites

White flowers and green foliage will forever have a presence as the epitome of a classic combination that works with, pretty much, everything. However, seasonality can affect the hues and tones we use. For example, spring oozes a vibrant green with lime tinged whites, the summer falls softly into luscious pretty pastel toned whites and sage soft foliage, autumn brings warm creams and woody stems and as winter approaches we see the crisp whites and dark winter greens.


For this floral arrangement, a narrow necked vessel has been used to allow an asymmetrical positioning of the flowers and used abundant foliage.

The ingredients for this arrangement are: 

2 x White Small Head Hydrangea (18928) 

2 x Traditional White Rose (18963)

2 x Green Dahlia (18930)

6 x Cineraria Eucalyptus Spray (18954)

Vase: 1 x Metallic Ceramic Raised Neck Tapered Vase (19396)

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Traditional White Rose

Traditional White Rose

Code: 18963
Dimensions: 9cm x 71cm x 9cm
Available Stock: 746

Cineraria Eucalyptus Spray

Cineraria Eucalyptus Spray

Code: 18954
Dimensions: 20cm x 62cm x 5cm
Available Stock: 627

White Small Head Hydrangea

White Small Head Hydrangea

Code: 18928
Dimensions: 15cm x 71cm x 15cm
Available Stock: 215