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Vibrant Garden

Vibrant Garden

August is what we like to think of as the cross over month. It encapsulates the end of the summer flowers, maybe even the late flowering spring ones too, and we see the heads of autumn start to push their way through. The garden is a riot of colour at the moment. As a result, we wanted to capture this vibrant burst of colour in the stems we have within The Recipe.


The blue hydrangea sprays are a fabulous base for arrangements. They slot easily into the vase and then provide a stem system in which to structure the other flowers. In this instance, we just wanted colour and lots of it. We slotted the flowers at alternating and pleasing intervals without any real aim other than contrast and a reasonable attempt at shape.

The ingredients to this arrangement are:

2 x Blue Hydrangea Bouquet (19936)
3 x Orange Cosmos (19609)
4 x Pink Pom Dahlia (x18973) 
3 x Baby Pink Garden Rose Spray (18968)
4 x Pink Short Stem Fashion Rose (19025)
4 x  Dusty Purple Dahlia (19741)
2 x Dusty Pink Spray Rose Peony (19029)
2 x Cream Wild Meadow Rose (19043)
3 x Green Wild Meadow Rose (19045)
2 x Wild Lilac Dahlias (17326)
3 x Leaf Spray (19615)
1 x Metallic Dipped Large Vase (19415)


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