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Sunblushed Blooms

Sunblushed Blooms

July, may you hold in store sunny afternoons and leisurely picnic opportunities galore. Sunblushed Blooms is our Sun Dance to that wish, combining ombre tones of blush through to luscious pinks, yellow and creams that sing the colours of summer.

Recreate this arrangement and let it carry your mind off to a pleasant day, indulging in delicious fruit from the picnic basket beneath dappled shade, where fleeting beams of sunlight dance upon your skin.

The ingredients to this arrangement:
4 x Lush Pink Dahlia (20528)
4 x Coffee Cream Dahlia (19742)
2 x Cream Gardenia Stem (20501)
1 x Dried Pale Pink Bunny Tail Bunch of 40 (21691)
1 x Tall Wide Neck Bottle Vase (22005)

Choose your favourite vase and place the gardenia stems accordingly (1 to 3, depending on the size of your vase). Next, alternate the dahlias, teasing out the buds of unopened blooms. Once you're happy with the placement of your blooms add a pocket of bunny tails for extra textural interest.

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