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Spring Chorus

Spring Chorus
Glimmers of Spring appearing have put us in the mood to work some of the crisp, clean colours of the season into this month’s bouquet. A simple and melodious colourway of creams and greens gives the beautifully full ranunculus and rose blooms a chance to sing out within a nest of variegated greens. Welcome Spring into your space by recreating this for yourself…
The ingredients to this arrangement are:
5 x Eucalyptus Spray (19051)
3 x Branch In Bloom (19678)
4 x Cream Ranunculus (20537)
2 x White Garden Rose Spray (18948)
3 x Blush Garden Rose (18945)
We chopped all the stems for this one as we wanted to use this heavy-set short jug. We did each piece individually though, so start placing your eucalyptus around the case, there should just be enough to give you a nice coverage and provide a framework for the flowers to nestle in. 
Next add the ranunculus. Pull apart all the stems as these too help provide structure for the other flowers. Next add the roses and branch in blooms in a way that seems incidental but pleasing.

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