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Ranunculus Reign

Ranunculus Reign

The inspiration for this month’s arrangement was our stunning ranunculus. As flower names go, ‘ranunculus’ isn’t the prettiest, which seems unfair given the beauty of their fresh, frilly faces. That’s why, this month, it’s this spring floral beauty’s turn to reign supreme.  

The ingredients to this arrangement:

3 x Green Peony (18937)
1 x White Ranunculus (18941)
3 x Green Ranunculus Spray (18940)
3 x Green Tulip (20112)
2 x White Willow Spray (17579)
5 x Eucalyptus Spray (19051)
1 x Medium Conran Vase (18282)


We placed a loosely scrunched ball of chicken wire inside our vase to structure the arrangement. We threaded in the eucalyptus first, followed by the three voluminous green peony flowers. Next we added the green ranunculus before placing a focal, white ranunculus centrally within the arrangement. We cut our white willow spray down into more pieces to make the most of its ability to dance above the rest before adding a few tulips, teasing them to the top, as is their way when in water.

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Green Peony

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Eucalyptus Spray

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Ranunculus Reign

White Willow Spray

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Green Tulip

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Medium Conran Vase

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