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Purple Reign

Purple Reign

The inspiration for our June Arrangement: Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The colour scheme: A regal and resplendent purple. The vessel: A gorgeous white wooden lantern as a nod to the UK’s long tradition of celebrating royal occasions with beacon lighting. We hope you enjoy our nod to this historic occasion and the festivities themselves.


The ingredients to this arrangement:

3 x Vibrant Purple Viburnum Style Spray (21066)
3 x White Lily (19722)
4 x Faux Cow Parsley Ammi (19953)
1 x Cream Gardenia Stem (20501)
2 x Blue Wildflower Bouquet (20909)
3 x Green Viburnum Spray (19591)
3 x Shabby Green Single Hydrangea (21065)
1 x Set Of 2 Wooden Lanterns With Marrakesh Pattern (19492)
1 x Small Apothecary Jar (18903)



For this arrangement, we began by sitting a bouquet pillow on top of a clear glass jar slotted inside the lantern (pillows are available for a couple of pounds and add almost invisible structure to an arrangement - perfect for clear glass cases). Prep your ‘ingredients’: Pull apart the stems of the blue wildflower bouquets and offer up longer stems to the case before snipping them to size (be careful not to go too short initially). We threaded in the purple viburnum at three sides of the case first, followed by the three voluminous green hydrangeas, white lilies and sections of blue wildflower at pleasing intervals. We finished the arrangement with green cow parsley, viburnum and cream gardenia at a height that would see them ‘dance’ above some of the more voluminous stems below.

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