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May In Bloom

May In Bloom

We are always struck by the blue hydrangeas at this time of year, in a sea of pastel tones, they stand proud and demand to be noticed. Our blue hydrangea bouquets provide the perfect basis to build an arrangement. Here, we've gone big and used three, but you could use as many or as few as you have room for. Whilst the blue is striking, you also cannot ignore the current penchant for peach. It's everywhere and we are especially fond of the blue and peach combination, our peach peonies particularly.


Pull apart the stems on the hydrangea bouquets and interlace the base of the stems inside the vase. This will give you a good network of stems to build from. Keep the bunches loose. Add in the peones and the dahlias evenly and then thread through with the berrries and daisies, finishing off with the leaf spray.

The ingredients to this arrangement are: 

3 x Blue Hydrangea Bouquet (19936)

6 x Peach Peony Rose (19740)

4 x Coffee Cream Dahlia (19742)

5 x Olive Spray (19628)

5 x Brown Hypericum Berry Spray (19561)

8 x Mum Daisy Spray (19566)

5 x Variegated Leaf Spray (19605)


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