June Bug Wedding

June Bug Wedding

As the wedding season unfolds into full swing we can’t help but look at our faux flowers and think how perfect they are for wedding decoration. As wedding styling becomes more and more elaborate, fauxs offer limitless flexibility to create show stopping installations that don’t die in summer heat. 

For this month, we’ve created a series of four pieces to show case the pretty of our florals, as a group they would grace any English country wedding with ease. Or you can take these and use them individually in your home.


1, Using a sharp knife cut a cube of oasis and sit it inside the chosen vase or that sits perfectly atop the candle holder. It does not want to stick out, but should be tall enough to come near the top.

 2, Secure the oasis in place using two pieces of pot tape, criss crossed across the top of the oasis and secure onto the holder (if using the candle holder).

 3, Using the wire cutters, cut the flower heads leaving approx. two inches of stem.

 4, For any larger hydrangea heads, these can be cut down into smaller piece, but be careful to ensure there is enough stem length to push into the oasis.

 5, Cut off any leaves, or protrusions from the stem which may stop it going into the oasis.

 6, Push the stems into the oasis. Build the shape with the hydrangea and then insert the roses at pleasing intervals.

The ingredients for this arrangement are:

6 x Blush Garden Rose Spray - 18946

4 x White Hydrangea Bouquet – 19064

4 x Baby Pink Garden Rose Spray – 18968

2 x Lambs Ear Spray – 19564

1 x Wormwood Spray – 19721 

1 x White Hypericum Berry Spray – 19611

Vases / Holder

1 x Round Tealight Holder in Antique Bronze – 19780

1 x Glass Bowl in Antique Bronze Finish – 19783

1 x Grey and Bronze Ombre Large Conical Vase – 19784

1 x Antique Brass Effect Tall Candle Holder – 19823

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Wormwood Spray

Wormwood Spray

Code: 19721
Dimensions: 17cm x 23cm x 0cm
Available Stock: 463

White Hydrangea Bouquet

White Hydrangea Bouquet

Code: 19064
Dimensions: 34cm x 54cm x 34cm
Available Stock: 401
In Soon: 300
Expected: End of Oct 2020

Antique Brass Effect Tall Candle Holder

Antique Brass Effect Tall Candle Holder

Code: 19823
Dimensions: 13cm x 41cm x 13cm
Available Stock: 329
In Soon: 196
Expected: End of Oct 2020

Variegated Green Brown Hypericum

Variegated Green Brown Hypericum

Code: 19611
Dimensions: 0cm x 40cm x 0cm
Available Stock: 268

Grey And Bronze Ombre Large Conical Candle Holder

Grey And Bronze Ombre Large Conical Candle Holder

Code: 19784
Dimensions: 16cm x 15cm x 16cm
Available Stock: 96
In Soon: 96
Expected: End of Aug 2020

Glass Bowl In Antique Bronze Finish

Glass Bowl In Antique Bronze Finish

Code: 19783
Dimensions: 24cm x 20cm x 24cm
Available Stock: 44

Lambs Ear Spray

Lambs Ear Spray

Code: 19564
Dimensions: 0cm x 35cm x 0cm
Available Stock: 0
In Soon: 1728
Expected: End of Aug 2020