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Coastal Calm

Coastal Calm

This month’s recipe is designed to set us adrift, many nautical miles clear of the early summer’s travel chaos and sweltering temperatures. Cool and calming blue tones contrast with the creamy shell-like petal formation of the Protea and bubbles of dried Billy Balls. The arrangement’s other dried elements serve to add a subtle whisper of quiet, unspoilt dunes. Let recreating this take you back to easy, breezy beach days past.



6 x Light Blue Large Headed Agapanthus (20888)
4 x Closed White Protea (20484)
1 x Dried White Billy Ball Bunch of 20 (21689)
1 x Dried White Bunny Tail Bunch Of 60 (21690)

1 x Dried White Wheat Bunch Of 20 (21696)
1 x Silver Starfish Candle Hurricane Lantern (22228)
1 x Farrah Collection Silver Texture Medium Vase (21538)



To ensure a neat ‘swirl’ of stems is visible through the clear glass of your lantern/vase, we like to start this one as a hand tie of the main blooms (agapanthus, protea and billy balls). Once these are gathered up in to a grouping that pleases you, cut them to length, drop them into your vase and loosen. Finish the look by adding the wheat and bunny tails here and there, adding extra texture as you go.


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