Berries & Blooms

Berries & Blooms

Sometimes you just need a large, imposing vase of flowers. Neutrals can be carried across anywhere whether it's at home, events or in shops. Whilst green and white is the classic pairing, this time of year also needs to feel richer, warmer, more woody than the crisp clean colours of spring and so an off-white chrysanthemum has been used, with a woody stemmed variation of eucalyptus alongside brown berries which have been set off in a bronze dipped vase to embrace the bare wood, back to nature, sheer  ‘browness’ of the season.


A lot of greenery can be used to create a nest for the blooms and berries. Cut your stems to a suitable length, some longer, some shorter so that they are not all uniform. Once you have a nest place your blooms in and amongst. Don’t crowd the flowers, cut to different lengths so they don’t all sit in a circle. Within this, place your berries for that final injection of texture.

The ingredients to this arrangement are:

8 x Large White Chrystanthamum (18964)

14 x Tall Eucalyptus Stem (19017) 

6 x Brown Berry Spray (19070) 

Vase: 1 x Metallic Dipped Large Vase (19415) 

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Tall Eucalyptus Stem

Tall Eucalyptus Stem

Code: 19017
Dimensions: 30cm x 96cm x 30cm
Available Stock: 792
In Soon: 600
Expected: End of Feb 2020

Large White Chrysanthemum

Large White Chrysanthemum

Code: 18964
Dimensions: 15cm x 87cm x 15cm
Available Stock: 783
In Soon: 1200
Expected: End of Mar 2020

Brown Berry Spray

Brown Berry Spray

Code: 19070
Dimensions: 26cm x 87cm x 33cm
Available Stock: 138

Metallic Dipped Large Vase

Metallic Dipped Large Vase

Code: 19415
Dimensions: 23cm x 29cm x 23cm
Available Stock: 132
In Soon: 100
Expected: End of Jan 2020