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A Festive White Winter

A Festive White Winter

As every florist knows, the great debate this festive time of year is do you red or do you white – yes there are the blue, purple, feather, even pink of us out there – but the two big players are the reds and the whites. When I did a poll across the office I was met with a resounding WHITE as the colour for December’s recipe. That suited me admirably as, after a couple of months of strong colours, I’m ready for a simpler pallet. However, I do have these new purple tulips, completely wrong I know, but I just love them and they seem to pop up a lot in my arrangements at the moment. I hope you enjoy this month’s recipe. I wanted something a little more formal than a vase arrangement, but not too stuffy. 

The ingredients to this arrangement are:

5 x 20113 Purple Tulip

3 x 20136 White Lace Cap Hydrangea

3 x  18940 Green Ranunculus Spray

2 x  19592 Viburnum Berry

5 x  19721 Wormwood Spray

2 x 20107 Eucalyptus Nicholii Spray

1 x 19052 Cineraria Spray

1 x 19017 Tall Eucalyptus Stem

1 x 19629 Long Stem Viburnum

1 x 19402 – Vase

Chicken Wire

Pot Tape


Cut a length of chicken wire approx. 30 x 15cm and gently screw into a ball – not too tight as you want your stems to fit into the gaps. Place in the bottom of your planter.

Cut strips of pot tape and create a grid across the top of your pot which will support the stems further.

Cut the wormwood sprays at the base to create individual workable pieces and start to create a base, building up and around with different flowers and foliage. You can get 3-4 usable pieces of foliage and florals from the stems with multiple strands. The wire and tape will hold your flowers in position.

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