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Belfry Furniture

Handcrafted to utmost perfection, the Belfry Collection aims to bring world class into any interior with its eye catching designs, polished bevelled mirrored features and champagnee brush detailing. This range features 17 individual pieces ranging from sidebaords to mirrors to a cocktail table and dining table. Bring timeless luxury into an interior space with the Belfry Collection.   

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This timeless collection can be used across both old and new homes adding a high-end finish to a room. Dressed appropriately, it is an uber luxe room addition which will elevate its surroundings. The attention to detail across this collection is obvious even to the untrained eye: the crystal cut handles and bevelled, polished edges to each individual mirror tells of the painstaking handcraftmanship that has gone into delivering each beautiful piece. 

The light reflective qualities of mirrored furniture make it a perfect option for so many interiors. Swapping an old item of furniture with a piece from the Belfry collection will instantly deliver a spaciousness that had been previously unimaginable. It's fortunate that this now 17 piece strong collection caters to all of the main living areas throughout the home, since that feeling of being able to add space with light reflective furniture additions is addictive. Expect your Belfry customers to return to add to their collection. This range continues to perform year after year.