Purple Haze

Purple Haze

From an outdated colour palette, the purples are breaking their way to the surface again as a colour of choice. Texture is key and the combination of downy hydrangea with the pointy tipped chrysanthemums only serves to provide a platform for these gorgeous indulgent colour tones.

Paired with our heavy set concrete and bronze dipped vase this piece gives a cosy wintery feel to this perfect interiors accessory.


To keep the flowers secure, you can use a cut slice of dry oasis in the urn, by using a loosely packed ball of chicken wire, or by taping a grid system with pot tape across the top of the urn.

Think about height and texture when placing your stems to create interest. Don’t be afraid to create height and length. The beauty of faux is you can bend and manipulate the stems until you are pleased with a look or effect.

Cut and separate buds from blooms to work your foliage into usable pieces.

The ingredients to this arrangement are: 

1 x Deep Purple Dahlia (18972) 

3 x Deep Purple Wedding Peony Rose Spray (19065)

1 x Purple Hydrangea Bouquet (19063)

2 x Cineraria Spray (19052)

2 x Large Purple Chrysanthamum (18971)

Vase: 1 x Metallic Dipped Large Planter (19416) 


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Cineraria Spray

Cineraria Spray

Code: 19052
Dimensions: 19cm x 117cm x 19cm
Available Stock: 927

Deep Purple Wedding Peony Rose Spray

Deep Purple Wedding Peony Rose Spray

Code: 19065
Dimensions: 10cm x 62cm x 10cm
Available Stock: 437

Purple Hydrangea Bouquet

Purple Hydrangea Bouquet

Code: 19063
Dimensions: 34cm x 54cm x 34cm
Available Stock: 192
In Soon: 360
Expected: End of Dec 2019

Metallic Dipped Large Planter

Metallic Dipped Large Planter

Code: 19416
Dimensions: 21cm x 17cm x 21cm
Available Stock: 184
In Soon: 144
Expected: End of Dec 2019